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The modern approach to obtaining financial insights; Demystify accounting jargon; Confidently Analyse the financial reports to Identify the rules applicable to the survival of a business, without having to complete long winded accounting exercises. Unlock the hidden value in your business.
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Understand your Genetic Brain Profile and how this affects your performance in different work environments

Does your Genetic Brain Profile suit the business sector you are in? Is your personality more suited to other functions within the business? Why do you underperform when you are stressed, yet colleagues seem to perform better under those conditions? Learn how you can overcome this?

Bonus material

We have tried to utilise all the different mediums to enhance the learning experience for students.

  • Learn Via E-books

    Can't read the lesson, while driving to work? Listen to the message as lessons are read to you, while driving, using the e-book on some of the lessons.

  • Videos on traditional T Accounts

    For those who still want to see the traditional bookkeeping entries we have introduced the FINANCE TOOL BOX. So now you can easily see the entries in the old set of accounts.

Learn via e-books

Some lessons are supplied in e-books with sound, so you can listen to them as well.


Siegmund qualified with a B. Compt. from UNISA and followed this up with his CIMA (as an associate in the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants).  He read for a Diploma in Datametrics, specializing in systems design and later for a H.Dip Tax. 


It seemed natural that these academic studies should be followed by studies in a MBA. Financial constraints did not afford him this opportunity.


However, life experiences are the best teacher and Siegmund therefore, worked for his practical qualification from experience gained by working within different functions of various organisations through the years.


He has worked in or managed many functions within the corporate world and served on boards and at directorship level. These functions included production planning, warehousing and logistics, through to support functions such as procurement, IT and finance.


His financial exposure has been from the bottom, on the clerical level, all the way up to directorship and board level, incorporating the disciplines of auditing, financial accounting, costing, management accounting, financial management, taxation and treasury.

The Traditional method of teaching Financial Insights

We used to teach financial insights using the FOUR pillar approach. Why ? Because that's what accountants used, when they created their HISTORICAL views of the business to create the statutory reports! BUT YOU DON'T RUN A BUSINESS ON HISTORY !!!

The future of having financial insights for your business.

The methods of imparting financial training of the past, were built on the premise, if you were shown how to compile financial reports and understood the four pillars of historical financial reporting, you would automatically run a business well.

Having facilitated change management process workshops in the 90’s, Siegmund learnt the power of shifting paradigms and realized that many businesses are hamstrung, by the breakdown in the communications of the finance function with their peers in the operating functions of the business.

This communication gap that existed, even between the bookkeeper, the professional accounting technician and the tax technician,  is compounded by the fact that, too many of the finance disciplines are geared towards adhering to statutory reporting requirements, to the detriment of the value creating functions, that have now become imperative in the post Covid business environment.


So the Logic-Model™ was created and the rules of financial survival were brought in to form the foundation upon which the business pillars have to be built.

His creation of the Logic-Models™ was directly as a result of finding ways to bridge the gap between, the messages that the finance function was conveying in the analysis of the historical results and how to get his peers to make the business financially stronger, when making their routine business decisions.

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